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Frequently Asked Questions

Your credit score might be lowered by inaccurate information or a single bad item on your credit reports. Rebuild Credit with the three main credit reporting agencies. Your ability to get vehicle and house loans with reduced interest rates may be impacted by credit repair. Additionally, it will raise the cost of your motor insurance and have an impact on your job prospects. Negative credit items have been eliminated by Repair Credit with great success in the past. Although you can try to accomplish this yourself, many people have discovered that when they do not get the results that we can deliver, it becomes quite irritating and time-consuming. The credit bureaus could decide to overlook your efforts or refuse to look into the bad things at all, it is a truth.

Yes, you need a license in most states because it’s the law.

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Do not submit a new credit application. If you do, our guarantee will be useless and the process of improving your credit will be slowed down.

Until your account is finished, you will get updated credit reports every two to three weeks. The bureaus will provide you communication about the status of the disputes as soon as items are challenged.

Send the original reports to Repair Credit Fix and make copies for your own records.

When it comes to repairing your credit record, it is crucial to write a well-written dispute letter. A person may wind up paying more in the long run if they submit a credit agency a poorly drafted dispute letter. This is so they may get a job, a loan, or even a new residence with the use of an effective dispute letter.

Long-term house ownership has been a goal for many people, and they work hard to achieve it. The ideal place to go when anything goes wrong is home. Our homes are places where we may go in both joyful and sorrowful moments. However, purchasing a home is challenging, mostly due to a poor credit history.

Numerous rules and regulations are available to the consumers, giving them the power to question the creditors about any accounts that are ultimately recorded or filed to the credit agencies. The three fundamental consumer protection requirements must be met by anything that appears in a credit report.

It is clear that you are feeling overburdened by your large credit card debt. However, don’t imagine that you are not alone. People who maintain a debt on their credit cards on a monthly basis may also have negative credit. If you have terrible credit, there are numerous strategies to eliminate it.